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A note from the E-SPORTS Committee:

As Tuesday's Children continues to fulfill the promise of Long Term Healing, the pandemic proved a noteworthy adversary. Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, our families have faced unprecedented challenges—compounded trauma, heightened depression, anxiety and isolation, and 1 in 5 losing a family member in the pandemic.

The Tuesdays Children E-Sports Committee was formed in late 2020 with the intent of not only providing our family members with an amazing opportunity to remotely stay connected as a community, but to explore the feasibility of using such an event as a COVID safe fundraising event. The committee is excited to have delivered on both counts. We hope you will join us and support our mission of providing Long Term Healing to those impacted by Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Military Families of the Fallen and communities impacted by mass violence. 

Let The Games Begin!

Tuesday's Children E-Sports Committee

Playing Video Games

How to Watch

Watch the action unfold live as you cheer on the participants. Donate to interact with the stream in real time, and most importantly enjoy as our commentators break down what's going on in the field.